Business loans with no repayments for the first 6 months

Take advantage of the Government’s SME Loan Guarantee Scheme to fund your next asset purchase

Terms and conditions:

^Eligibility and approval is subject to the Government’s Coronavirus SME Guarantee Scheme eligibility criteria and standard credit assessment. Not all amounts, term lengths or rates will be available to all applicants. Fees, terms, and conditions apply.

*6 month no repayment period – Back to Business Loan with Prospa only. There will be an initial 6 month no repayment period during which interest will accrue but no repayments will be required. At the end of the 6-month grace period, regular fixed daily or weekly repayments will commence comprising of principal and interest. For the first 26 weeks after the 6 month no repayment period, each daily or weekly repayment will also comprise an instalment of the accrued interest and the 2% Service Fee that accrued during the grace period.

Standard approval criteria and terms and conditions apply.