It can take a lot of hard work to apply for a loan with a bank, and if you’re successful in securing the loan, you could be waiting for some time before the funds hit your account. We know small business movse too fast for this to always work; not only is your time precious but when you’re in need of some extra cash, time is usually of the essence.

What’s the difference with Live capital?

Applying for a short-term loan with Live capital only takes a few minutes by filling out a short form on our website and answering a few questions about your business. In return for your small effort, you can look forward to receiving a decision within a few hours, while most customers receive their funds within 24 hours after approval.

Why Live capital works for many types of businesses

We understand small businesses come in all shapes and sizes across many industries, which means we don’t believe in a one-size-fits all approach to offering short-term loans. Our application process has been designed to ensure we find the best loan for your business through our network of premium lending partners.

We use an algorithm and other data to match you with the most suitable lender in real-time. Essentially, matching is based on a few key data points such as your turnover, time in business and requested loan amount – as well as any industry data and other business information we might have.

How Live capital can work for you

So how could your business take advantage of one of our short-term loans? Here’s a snapshot of some of the possible uses of this type of loan.

Retailers. Whether you’re selling food, clothing, gifts or electronics, you’re likely to be affected by seasonal fluctuations. A fast, short-term loan could help you buy extra stock when the pace picks up, while it could resolve a short-term cash flow issue when business is slow.

Professionals. If you’re in the field of law, accounting or conveyancing, or you have a creative services agency, you’ll know what it’s like to be competing for clients among businesses with bigger budgets. A short-term loan could quickly provide you with the equipment, software or extra talent you need to win new projects and keep on top of your game.

Tradespeople. Sometimes, starting or growing a small business is a game of chicken and egg. Investing in equipment, materials or a new apprentice often leads to more revenue, but it’s hard to find the cash in the first place. A short-term loan is ideal for buying those extra tools when you know it’ll quickly pay off.

Café owners, restaurateurs and bar owners. Perhaps you could take your business to the next level with some additional space and seating, but without the capital you’re stuck in a catch-22. Alternatively, a short-term loan could help you replace that broken-down refrigerator or coffee machine – the type of dilemma that could halt trade.